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Our Gold Package stands unrivaled as our top seller, captivating onlookers with its striking visual appeal the moment it's seen. This isn't just any graduation cap design; it's a personal artwork, meticulously hand-sketched by our talented business owner, Teonna Thompson. Her unique artistic touch brings each cap to life, with vibrant colors and intricate details achieved through the use of premium alcohol markers. The distinctive style and quality of Teonna's designs make every cap a masterpiece, ensuring you stand out on your graduation day. 


Submit Your Design Inspiration


If you have a specific design in mind for your graduation cap, we'd love to see your inspiration! To share your vision with us:


  1. Look for the section titled "Upload Your Inspiration" below.
  2. Click on "Add File" to select and upload the photo of your inspired design.


We encourage you to upload any images that capture the essence of what you're envisioning for your custom graduation cap. Whether it's a sketch, a photo, or any visual reference, this will help us understand your style and bring your idea to life with greater accuracy.

Gold Package

  • We're thrilled you're considering us for creating a unique and memorable design for your graduation cap! Our pricing is structured to accommodate the variety of styles, complexties, and customization each design may require.


    Base Price Range: $65-$100+


    • Starting at $65: This base price includes a simple yet elegant design, tailored to add a personalized touch to your graduation cap. Ideal for those who prefer a minimalist approach with maximum impact.
    • Up to $100+: For designs that require more intricate detailing, extensive customization, or specific themes that demand additional time and resources, prices may vary and may exceed $100. This tier caters to those desiring complex artwork, elaborate themes, or inclusion of premium materials.


    Factors Influencing Pricing:


    1. Complexity of Design: The more detailed and complex your desired design, the higher the price point due to the increased time and resources needed to bring your vision to life.
    2. Customization Level: Customized elements such as specific icons, personalized messages, or custom graphics can influence the final cost, reflecting the additional work involved.
    3. Materials Used: Some designs may require special materials or techniques, which can affect the overall price.


    Getting an Accuate Quote:


    The best way to understand the cost of your specific graduation cap design is to submit your idea for a free, no-obligstion quote. This allows us to assess the details of your design and provide you with an accurate price tailored to your vision.


    Submit Your Design Early and Save:


    Remember, submitting your design at least four weeks in advance not only secures your spot but also avoids any rush fees, ensuring you get the best value for a truly personalized graduation cap.

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