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About Us

Teezie Designs is an art business that is utilized as a platform to give back to the youth in the local communities. The owner, Teonna Thompson values student success and believes if students are provided with the right resources and support, then they will grow up to be successful leaders in their own communities.

Our Services

Teezie Designs is a non-profit that focuses on bringing fun and joy to kids and adults inside and outside of the art room. Services include paint parties and customized orders such as t-shirts, cups/tumblers, and graduation caps/stoles. In addition, 10% of all bookings and customized orders is donated to your choice of Community Program. 

Community Programs include Back to School Drives, Thanksgiving Food Drives, Holiday Toy Drives, and Teen Workshops. For more information about our successful community service events, please visit our Community Programs page. If you would like to make a contribution, please click the donate button below. 

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Meet the Artist

Teonna Thompson was inspired by a close friend to start Teezie Designs. With her artistic talents and passion for the youth, Teonna founded Teezie Designs in 2019 with the desire of establishing a future summer camp program for the youth in the local community. While this is one of Teonna's aspirations, she currently organizes community programs that support the at-promise youth in the local communities.  

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Teonna Thompson

Painting & Mixed Media

"Giving back to the youth and providing them with tools and resources to help them become successful leaders has always been my passion. In my spare time, I serve as a school counselor for students in Baltimore, Maryland."

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